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The global outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020 affects our lives and all industries. Now, it is hard to have face-to-face meetings like we used to. Remoting online meetings become increasingly common. However, the common technical problems in the online conferences – are poor sound quality, video lag, frequently dropped connection, and signal loss. All these issues are greatly affect the conference participants.
With decades’ experience in developing interconnecting products, SureFire has the full range of OEM/ODM solutions to support conference system installation. From the latest HDMI™
 2.1 cables to multi ports adapters, we provide various cables and wire harness solutions for meeting system corporates. Our conference system solution helps our partners to build up their conference system or end-users to connect their portable devices with high-quality conferences.

Our solutions for Conference Systems
HDMI™ 2.1/2.0 Cables & Adapters
Displayport 1.4 Cables & Adapters
Active Optical Cables, AOC (HDMI™/USB Type C /Displayport/DVI)
Multi ports Adapters
Adapters for HDMI™/Displayport/DVI/VGA/Type C

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