SureFire does not rely on supplying the parts and material for handy solutions, but also intends to be an innovated researcher for new material, parts, and assembly methods to work out the best solutions for our partners. 
Patent Name Patent No.
Crimping Electric Connector 10700455B1
Electric Connector 10396499B1
Electric Connector 10476208B1
Composite Optoelectronic HDMI® Cable 10345544B1
Signal Transmission Cable with HDMI® Connectors 10241283B1
Flat Optical Fiber Light-Streaming Cable 9620913B2
High-Frequency Digital A/V Cable 7956290B2
Signal Adjuster 7714677B2
Wall Plate Assembly(HDMI®) 7637772B2
Signal Filter Assembly With Impedance-Adjusting Characteristic 7683739B2
Wall Plate Assembly(RJ45) 7549894B1
Signal Adaptor Box 7530818B1
Wall Plate Assembly  7374454B1
HDMI® Mortise Adapter  7074088B1
DVI Adapter 7059917B1

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