HDMI to VGA Adapter

Ultrabook in order to save space, HDMI replace VGA. HDMI to VGA Adapter could solve the question for Ultrabook connect to VGA projector. HDMI to VGA Dongle is good solution for HDMI Mobile Phone.


HDMI Type A to VGA adaptor is small and thin. It's easy to carry and video convert. Plug and play. Bus power design. The adapter could auto convert video signal. Max resolution is 1920 x 1200. HDMI Type C / Type D to VGA dongle was designed for tablet and mobile phone. If you need to convert HDMI signal to VGA, you could not miss this product.



1. HDMI Receiver compliant with HDMI specification

2. Resolution Support VESA and CEA timing standards up to 1920x1200@60Hz and 1080P

3. VGA output is compliant with VESA VSIS v1r2 specification

4. Bus power design, No external power

5. Single-chip HD video processor